At Vencore, we understand the need to continuously improve and innovate.  Vencore’s Business Analytics Service leverages Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and other industry best practices to improve the mission by driving efficiency into the engineering lifecycle.   We utilize this service internally to streamline operations, increase performance, and create a culture of continuous improvement.  Additionally, we have great success in extending the application of these techniques towards improving our Customer’s mission.  As the enterprise integrator for many government clients, we pioneer the use of continuous improvement and business process re-engineering techniques in engineering and management services, yielding significant positive results. 

Through our experience of over 150+ structured improvement activities, Vencore Business Analytics has spearheaded the integration of stove-piped capabilities, creation of new acquisition strategy and evolution of future systems, and aversion of millions of dollars in cost through identification and removal of systemic issues.  This proven experience in uncovering broad, far-reaching efficiencies has enabled our customers to evolve and transform. 

Vencore Business Analytics Services Include:

  • Process improvement and efficiency
    •  Development and service streamlining, from acquisition through operations, maintenance and retirement
  • Strategic planning and execution
    • Alignment of portfolios and projects with strategic goals
    • Needs-based requirements development
    • Risk identification and management
    • Decision support/analysis of alternatives
  • Data analysis/inferential statistics
    • Investigation of data patterns and trends to project future outcomes
  • Visual data management
    • Dashboard, Kanban and other visual data presentation