Vencore’s business analytics capability has evolved over multiple years of experience, knowledge, and development of our own best practices. Since 2009, our implementations have resulted in averting millions of dollars of cost, increasing performance, standardization and strategy for our Government customers. Our base of over 130 LSS green, black, and master black belts (change agents) have the proper training to effectively reduce variation, waste, and cycle time while increasing repeatability to maximize on improvement efforts.  

Vencore’s discriminator is that our change agents have multi-disciplinary experience that enables them to better identify and drive efficiency and innovation from an enterprise perspective. The majority of our change agents are also systems engineers, project managers, functional managers, and modeling and simulation analysts. This combination of leadership, management, and technical experience allows leveraging LSS best approaches with a depth of technical understanding to successfully execute cost, schedule and technical performance on critical national programs. 

Vencore recognizes the power in the combination of two related knowledge areas – Lean Six Sigma and Lean Systems Engineering/Agile. Leveraging our experience in both knowledge areas, we expertly combine them to better enable transformation in software development. At multiple tiers, from enterprise to portfolio/program to project level, LSS techniques are integrated with agile to determine business and economic value, understand the value stream, and perform robust root cause analysis in retrospectives. This combination of approaches is a unique Vencore discriminator and provides the edge over standard deployment.

Success Stories

From integrating stovepipe capabilities to averting millions in cost due to schedule delays in the development of complex systems, Vencore’s Business Analytics team enable mission success and mission improvement.

  • Kaizen event on asset deployment schedule disconnects averts millions in cost for government customer

  • Data analytics project for multiple government O&M contracts identifies architectural improvements and skillset efficiencies resulting in significant enterprise-wide savings

  • Strategic planning off-sites prioritize and align portfolios for government customer, enabling data-driven budgetary decisions

  • Kaizen event creates framework for future capability and stands up new government division to lead new acquisition

  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) event for customer verification, validation and test (VV&T) processes significantly reduces test planning cycle time, allowing efficient use of resources for higher mission priorities

  • Business analytics workshops enable successful agile deployment and increase in development productivity

  • Strategic planning initiative establishes future CONOPS and defines capabilities resulting in mission-driven IT architecture evolution

  • Vencore internal VSM event identifies 71 percent reduction in accounts payable process steps, eliminating backlog and increasing efficiency