Engineering Success Through Design, Integration and Test

Vencore provides comprehensive, cost-effective support and expertise in technology and business operations for government and commercial aerospace programs. Our engineering services address a range of issues common to most system life cycles, from determining mission needs to systems development, fielding and operational support.

We are a leader in software safety engineering for requirements, design, coding, testing, operations and maintenance of safety-critical software. Our system safety engineers detect system hazards and the individual failure modes. We identify the causes and derive requirements to eliminate, control, or mitigate the hazard to an acceptable level of risk.

Testing vastly complex launch systems ensures the safety of human lives and the preservation of large investments in space operations and research. As part of our independent verification and validation, we provide assessment of launch risks and detailed insight into launch vehicle issues. We simulate the space environment on the ground to rigorously test vehicles and their technology, and we have proven techniques to mitigate the impact of anomalies, extend the life of systems, and identify bottlenecks once the vehicle is in space.


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