Why use Vencore Strategic Messaging Solutions:  To gain a competitive edge.

Our customers come to us to help solve a variety of communications problems. But more importantly, they leverage our expertise to provide the insights necessary to develop more focused strategies and creative briefs; to understand the messaging opportunities left untapped in their competitors’ communications; and to ensure that their own communications are optimized and strengthened—all of which provide them the greatest opportunity for success.

At the earliest stages, we help clients to clearly understand the environment in which their marketing communications will compete and assist in strategy development. However, Vencore’s services only begin there and can be used from creative development to post campaign analysis. 

Analyzing Competitive Messaging

The first step of developing a communications campaign is to understand the competitive landscape. That includes gaining competitive insights. However, one area that seems to be overlooked is a deep understanding of your competitors messaging.

Our Competitive Messaging Landscape product  is a “must-use” analysis tool in the development process. This product deconstructs a competitor’s communications to uncover their strategic goals, how they hope to be differentiated, and to who their target audience is—identifying the psychographic profile of their target. This process uncovers a competitor’s strengths and vulnerabilities—as well as gaps in messaging that you might exploit—and most importantly, their communication’s ability to change attitudes and influence the behaviors of the target audience. Utilizing these findings with Vencore’s Messaging Gap/Opportunity Analysis, allows us to map what’s important to the audience, and where important needs/wants are not being addressed. The result is a clear picture of what messages are being delivered to the target by which competitor, and where gaps in messaging might provide brand opportunities. This provides our clients with the insights to help shape strategies to ensure that their messages are addressing the needs of the audience.

Developing a Winning Strategy

The road to developing a great communication campaign starts with a great strategy.  Yet, so many times the energy put into developing the strategy is only a fraction of what is used to develop the campaign. We analyze and optimize our clients’ global communications, working with many effective as well as ineffective strategies, allowing us to identify market tested best practices.

As a result, Vencore has developed a proprietary methodology to assist in the development of strategies and overall messaging. The Communications Blueprint Generator (CBG) is designed to utilize a set of inputs that include: background and history, marketing mix, target audience profile, equity, competitive frame and other external influences. These inputs are gathered in an approach that ensures the necessary information needed to develop an effective strategy has been collected and analyzed. Based on the process, the CBG can successfully yield an overall umbrella strategy, positioning, as well as vertical market messaging, depending on the client’s objectives.

 Selecting the Right Concept

A tough job for any communications team is selecting the right concept. Everyone from yourself, the group that created the work, your bosses, and others on your team has their favorites. The goal, of course, is to find the winning concept that will be successful in achieving your campaign objectives and strategy.

But now what?  You look at five concepts and you just don’t have it in your budget to develop or market test them all. Concept Select is used by our clients to help decide which concepts to develop into campaigns. We identify the concept(s) that will most effectively overcome the marketing challenges, provide guidance for capitalizing on what is most relevant and a point of difference to the target audience, and identify any overarching concerns that need to be addressed.  The result is an understanding of which concepts are most likely to be successful.

Optimize Communications to Maximize Investment

You’ve just made a significant investment to develop a strategy; you’ve selected the winning concepts; and have decided to move forward with two to three campaigns before making final selection. Traditional copy testing is expensive and time consuming, and the last thing you want is to find out that your campaigns are not effective after you just spent tens of thousands of dollars in development and testing alone. To assist our clients in this area, we offer our Communications Enhancer.

The Communications Enhancer is best implemented prior to an investment in copy testing or campaign launch to realize your greatest savings in time and money. This solution can be applied to any single communication such as TV, radio, print, mobile, out-of-home, social media, digital, speeches, press releases, internal communications—or to an entire integrated campaign. From start to finish, you’ll have our analysis, findings and recommendations within 10 days.  If you think about production and testing timelines, our solutions provide you a significant time savings compared to traditional qualitative or quantitative research.

Whatever your goals and objectives, Vencore can help enhance the effectiveness of your communications from strategy to implementation. In doing so, we help you save precious time and money throughout the entire communications development process, and ensure you arereceiving the highest possible return on your marketing communications investment.