Strategic Messaging Solutions

PhaseOne Communications is now Vencore Strategic Messaging Solutions

Vencore’s Strategic Messaging Solutions gives customers a competitive edge by working collaboratively with them to improve the quality, content and success rate of their communication efforts. The analytical capabilities of our team, blended with our deep expertise in understanding audiences, leadership styles and decision making processes, allows us to arm some of the world’s most-recognized organizations with the knowledge needed to communicate effectively .

We specialize in persuasive, memorable, behavior-changing communications. By applying the scientifically validated PhaseOne™ methodology, our evidence-based analytical capabilities provide customers with actionable insights into the information environment. This ranges from target audience insights to advanced competitor analysis, strategy development, communication optimization and measures of effectiveness (MOE).

The PhaseOne methodology is rooted in the natural processing functions of the human mind—the principles of human psychology, memory and cognition, and their effects on behaviors and attitudes. This methodology is proven to be highly flexible and adaptable at addressing unique communications problem sets in both the private and public sectors, as well as across many cultures.