Vencore’s Strategic Messaging Solutions team has been helping Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies improve their communications for over three decades. In more than 44 countries and across diverse cultures, we have helped improve the quality, content and success rate of our clients’ communication efforts.

Evolving from decades of ongoing academic research and real-world validation, Vencore  exclusively applies the PhaseOne™ methodology -- a powerful, scientifically based, proprietary methodology focused on providing a rigorous, objective analysis to accurately forecast attitudes and behaviors among target audiences.

The company’s KnowledgeBase includes an extensive foundation upon which its analysis is based:  analytics in human behavior, anthropology, psychology, cultural traits, entertainment, education, communications and marketing, are the foundation of our process.

Vencore’s team provides some of the world’s most recognizable organizations with customized analytics that are applied from the earliest stages of strategy development through campaign optimization and launch.  These research products and analysis services include, but are not limited to:

  • Competitive Messaging Landscape Mapping
  • Communications Audit
  • Strategy Development Consultation
  • Communications Blueprint Generator
  • Concept Selection
  • Communications Enhancer
  • MOSAIC: Cross Media/Campaign Synergy Enhancer
  • Performance Metric Insights
  • Social Media Engagement/Brand Communications Relationship Audit
  • Social Media Engagement/Competitive Communications Relationship Audit
  • Gap/Messaging Opportunity Analysis

Within the private sector, Vencore’s clients have been recognized five times by the Advertising Research Foundation with David Ogilvy Awards.  We are proud to contribute to their success.

2011 – JPMorgan Chase: Ink from Chase

2010 – JPMorgan Chase: The Chase Sapphire Story

2006 – ConAgra Banquet Crockpot Select

2004 – Duracell: Trusted Everywhere

1997 – Pepperidge Farm: Gone Fishin’

In addition to contributing to our clients' success, Vencore has published proprietary communications thought leadership research studies throughout the years. This research has included:

  • What drives social media engagement as measured by earned media (2012)
  • What are the drivers of highly successful advertising:
    • Does Your Brand Own a Part of the Heart (2005)
    • What Drives Highly Likeable Advertising(1995 & 2006)
    • What are the Drivers of Recall & Persuasion (1990 & 2002)
    • What Drives Ad Banner Click Through Study (2001)
    • Advertising Environment Study (Advertising Clutter) -- TV: 1991, 1999 & 2003, and Print: 2002

Clients around the world have come to rely on Vencore for objective analysis, insights and guidance to help optimize the effectiveness of their communications. The proprietary analytical process that Vencore applies is one of the most validated in the industry. How can we make that claim?  Simple.  When we analyze and optimize our clients’ work, they make the decision to implement the recommendations. And when they do, they have reported that their success in achieving the results needed to launch their campaigns has been a direct result of our insights.  


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