SimAuthor products are not “one size fits all.” We pride ourselves in offering full-service Debrief System support. 

Debrief Hardware Installation - SimAuthor Field Engineers can specify, purchase, setup and install all hardware associated with a Simulator Debrief System based on specific customer requirements. Typical Hardware for a Simulator Debrief System may include Data Acquisition computers, Debrief Computers, Video Capture Cameras and Cards, Microphones, as well as all cabling required. Debrief Systems are fully set up and tested in a lab prior to shipment.  If desired, our Field Engineers provide onsite support to perform a complete installation and test prior to customer acceptance.

Software Integration with your existing systems - SimAuthor has experienced personnel available to configure and compile a transfer buffer into the simulator software real-time load.  This will transfer data from the host real-time load to the Data Acquisition computer and software.

Aircraft Data Loader Integration - SimAuthor designs, tests, and implements custom data loaders for the interpretation of all desired data present on Flight Data Recorders. Data Loaders can be set up to directly import the data into FlightAnalyst or the data can be extracted and converted to CSV text format for use by FlightViz.

Test and Verification - SimAuthor provides testing and verification support for all of our COTS products.  This includes the generation of Acceptance Test Procedures which will demonstrate all aspects of our software as it exists on the Debrief Playback hardware and will verify it to the project requirements and specifications.

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