SimViz is the latest in the SimAuthor visualization product line from Vencore, capable of producing a 3D visualization scene for any environment. SimViz provides a 360-degree view utilizing virtual and augmented reality to immerse the user in the target environment. 

Real or simulated data is used to build the scene for after-action review, debrief and training. SimAuthor’s long-term legacy with accident investigation in the global aviation industry is the foundation on which our product line has expanded into high-risk work environments that benefit from increased safety and data analysis. Law enforcement agencies, legal firms, heavy industry, military and government are all well positioned to increase efficiencies, visualize high-risk environments and significantly strengthen training and safety.

Whether an aircraft carrier flight deck, oil drilling platform, medical operating room, mining operation, or other intense work environments, SimViz is used to enhance high-risk training and ensure mission readiness. 

Key Benefits:
360 Degree Scene Creation
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Simulate High-Risk Environment
After Action Review & Debrief
Enhance Training and Safety

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