FlightAnalyst is a robust aviation data analysis, visualization and animation tool that provides operators, instructors and decision makers the power to reduce costs and greatly enhance safety and training.

Using simulator and aircraft data, FlightAnalyst provides the capability to define, detect and display events during flight operations that are of interest to operators, maintainers, and safety officers. These events are defined by users and can range from very simple to extremely complex.

Data visualization is tailorable to specific customer needs with the ability to perform ad-hoc queries on numerous aircraft types within the same database. The events and thresholds are defined by users and configurable through our advanced event detection module. Powerful statistical and parametric data analysis performed on single or multiple aircraft platforms gives stakeholders the ability to detect and visualize patterns and trends. Carriers and operators requiring Flight Data Management (FDM) use FlightAnalyst as a full-spectrum TDM solution with data storage, analysis, event reporting and flight debrief capabilities. 

Key Features: 

  • Event Detection 
  • Parametric & Statistical Data Analysis 
  • Robust Adhoc Query 
  • Flight Replay 
  • FAA Compliant FDM Solution

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