Quality Assurance

Delivering a quality product is Vencore’s principal objective in supporting NAVSEA. In addition to the monitoring of products and processes, team members are instilled with the proper use of the processes. These processes include strict adherence to document and development standards, and peer reviews. Vencore continuously seeks to improve the effectiveness of its business operations. Accordingly, process improvements are perpetually evolved and consistently deployed, taking care to ensure consistency across all zones and task orders where appropriate.

Primary responsibility for quality falls to the Program Manager and the associated team directly supporting the customer. The Quality Management Team, Contracts staff, Security, Finance, and Accounting provide important support as well:

  • Program Manager: Orchestrates, monitors, and evaluates task order execution; monitors and evaluates work in process verifying compliance and approving deliverables, day-to-day changes, and invoices; monitors and attains internal and external resources required to accomplish tasks. Reviews deliverables for quality and consistency before prime submission.
  • QA Lead: Reviews deliverables for quality and consistency before prime submission.
  • Contract Manager: Coordinates contract requirements with the Government; provides notice of significant and relevant contracting issues and requirements including funding actions, contract modifications, and status of physical progress in relation to costs incurred.
  • Finance: Ensures that adequate financial controls and surveillance of contract efforts are in place.
  • Accounting: Performs final review and approval of invoices, payments, and audits.
  • Facility Security Officer: Manages security requirements, issues and maintains current DD254s.

Vencore monitors contract and task order performance through several feedback mechanisms, including periodic PM visits to the customer, routine PM meetings with the NAVSEA points of contact, and monthly contractor status reports. Performance-based evaluation criteria will be applied on each task order’s performance. Technical effectiveness, cost and schedule performance, management effectiveness, and customer satisfaction are the criteria that are used to ensure quality and trigger corrective action or rewards for exemplary performance. Performance standards of Exceptional, Very Good, Satisfactory, Marginal, and Unsatisfactory as defined in Contractor Performance Assessment Ratings (CPARs) are used to rate the evaluation criteria.

Vencore will establish a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) on each task order mirroring the QAP that NAVSEA has established for the task order. Annual assessments of the task orders, rolled up to the contract level, will provide the performance standards.

Software deliverables are measured against customer standards and Vencore software development standards and processes, which are based upon commercial best practices and standards. Vencore employs an integrated software tool set to deliver real-time enterprise information.