Enhancing Your Mission by Optimizing and Architecting Your Future Infrastructure

Vencore’s Information Technology (IT) support provides a wide range of services to help design, develop, manage and evaluate your network and IT infrastructure. We deliver full-spectrum, integrated IT support services, cloud migration support and expertise in such areas as network design and architecture, satellite IP broadband networks, policy-based network management, and full life cycle network management.

We can assess the throughput, timeline, utilization and capacity performance of your existing IT infrastructure by utilizing operational trend analysis. Based on this assessment, we are able to optimize your IT performance and predict the performance of your future IT architecture through detailed modeling and simulation forecasting.

Our structured approach to planning, designing and implementing cloud services can help manage the quality, reliability and security of every aspect of your cloud services. Being vendor-neutral, Vencore can provide an unbiased assessment of what is needed to help migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.  We can help grow your cloud infrastructure by choosing the right service model, developing effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and verifying compliance – all without compromising the security of your information.

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