Protecting Our Borders and Everything Within

At Vencore, we provide solutions that help keep the country safe and secure, now and in the future. The safety of U.S. citizens and the critical infrastructure on which we rely depend on our ability to rapidly identify and protect against dynamically evolving threats against energy, transportation, cyber, agriculture or maritime targets.

We work closely with governmental organizations responsible for countering terrorism, providing law enforcement and ensuring the integrity of critical national infrastructure. Vencore is currently responsible for:

  • Leading the integration of 22 agencies into a single DHS intranet
  • Providing software systems to Customs and Border Patrol agents for border management
  • Ensuring the oil pollution fund services the Nation
  • Deploying mobile and fixed communication systems
  • Ensuring cyber security of DHS.Gov
  • Delivering deployed asset visibility to FEMA

Vencore’s proven capabilities provide a mission success focus for highly complex, interconnected programs across the areas of counterterrorism, border security, emergency response and cyber security. Our experts also provide a balance of thought leadership and attention to detail that will expand the mission while staying on budget and providing timely return on investment.