What is Vencore Health?

Does our website surprise you?

If you haven’t been there yet, take a look at the www.vencore.com homepage.

Did you expect to see images of stethoscopes? Kind-looking doctors listening to patients? Or at least the Rod of Asclepius?



As an aside, did you know that the image we usually see as a symbol of medicine is the incorrect one? The god Hermes is often pictured with a caduceus. This is the short staff entwined by two snakes, and often has wings at the top. It is actually a symbol of commerce and negotiation – not exactly the ideal image to associate with caring for the sick!

  Rod of Asclepius

Rod of Asclepius

The correct symbol is the Rod of Asclepius. This is a long rod with one snake encircling it. There are never wings in this image. Asclepius is a god associated with healing and medicine. That makes more sense, doesn’t it? But I digress…

You probably are not used to seeing pictures of satellites or discussions of cyber security on typical life sciences websites.

We aren’t a typical life sciences offering. And this won’t be a typical life sciences blog.

We are Vencore Health. We are leveraging the sophisticated analytics we have honed for decades in the intelligence community. We were working with big data long before that term existed. We have always been good at solving needle-in-a-haystack problems. When the government needed disparate technologies to talk to each other, they called us.

So it is easy for us to apply this vast experience to health care. We can handle terabytes of data with ease. We can pick up small, but important, signals that no one else sees. We can integrate the full spectrum of structured and unstructured data.

So what does that mean? What are we actually doing?

We are using real world evidence to:

  • find patients with undiagnosed rare and hard-to-diagnose disease,
  • determine addressable market, and
  • elucidate the patient journey and patterns of behavior.

We are mining HIPAA-compliant data to work these problems. So far, we are using electronic health record (EHR), genomic, imaging, and claims data, but we aren’t stopping there…

So. We are a relatively new player in the health care arena, but we have over 40 years of experience in developing the analytic and integrative technologies we need. Our analytical methods and advanced machine learning algorithms are proven. Healthcare analytics is a logical step for Vencore.

Vencore Health. Using proven technologies to address healthcare analytics challenges.

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Tara Grabowsky, MD
Chief Medical Officer