Who is Vencore Health?

This is the Vencore Health team:  Rob, Tara, Sean, Faith, Oodaye, Amy, Robb, Kris, Doug, Tom, Ritu, Rauf, Angelo and Jason.

We may look like any other life sciences team but looks can be deceiving. Did you know that our team has:

  • Co-invented advanced machine learning paradigms?
  • Performed cutting edge research for the Intelligence and Defense research agencies DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity)?
  • Developed novel universal kernel mappings in machine-learning applications?
  • Authored over 250 publications across topics spanning Data, Analytics and Medicine, Mathematical Modeling in Healthcare, Algorithm Development for Diagnostic Biomarker Assays and Algorithms for Learning Using Privileged Information?
  • Filed (and been awarded) over 35 patents including topics such as support vector machines for machine learning?
  • Earned advanced degrees in Mathematics, Medicine, Electrical Engineering, Computer & Information Science, Technology Management, and Engineering Management?
  • Developed deep technical expertise in automated decision-making, machine learning and statistical data analysis, clinical instruction, signal processing, dynamic network optimization, internal medicine and deep belief networks?

At the same time that we have been publishing and patenting our work, we have been developing our whole selves in the following ways:

  • Faith runs in Ragnar Relays and loves to camp
  • Sean was the captain of his ice hockey team in college, and still plays. He also plays guitar
  • Rob is a black belt in taekwondo, and spends most of his free time coaching his son’s basketball, soccer and baseball teams
  • Kris is a photographer, baker, and antique-hunter
  • Tom is a world traveler, and has a son who runs professionally
  • Oodaye likes to torment his son’s English teacher
  • Tara is a blue belt in Aikido, and sings in a band
  • Amy is a speed skater
  • Robb is a swing dancer and a maker, and placed in the top 25% in a Kaggle competition to detect whales in audio files for Cornell University
  • Doug is a cycler, and a Revolutionary War buff

Our approach is unique because our people are unique. Our systems integration heritage has taught us to embrace multi-disciplinary teams. It is with this same mindset that we approach the current challenges facing the rare disease market. We celebrate the different backgrounds of our team members through the integration of clinical, mathematical, engineering and data science expertise to develop holistic health analytic solutions. Though I can’t pinpoint why a history of sports, music and cooking helps us create a better product, I know it does. We bring different life stories, educations, and interests to work every day. It adds up to a team that can solve really difficult problems.

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Kris Weghorst
Client Manager