Exceptional Solutions for Exceedingly Complex Challenges

Meeting the global challenge of efficient and secure energy sourcing requires significantly more intelligent systems to manage and operate electrical grids and their connected devices. Our Vencore researchers are creating and leveraging a variety of smart grid information technologies and communication networks to respond to this critical need. Most recently, our researchers are focusing on:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and deficiencies, and the exploitability of vulnerabilities, in various smart grid infrastructure components, including:
    • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
    • Inter-Control Center Protocol (ICCP)
    • Synchophasor/Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)
  • Analyzing emerging cyber security issues in critical communication protocols commonly used in Energy Delivery Systems (EDS) 
  • Leading various efforts in industry and global standard groups to harden EDS-relevant communication and security specifications

Answering the industry’s call for greater situational awareness of their smart meter networks, Vencore engineers and software technologists have leveraged this research to create the SecureSmart Managed Security Service. Now in deployment or trial in several North American utilities, SecureSmart brings first-of-its-kind technology and innovations to enable utilities to detect early signs of attacks on their smart grid networks and help validate security controls.

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