Cyber Security Solutions

Together with our transformational applied research organization, Vencore Labs, we deliver a full range of cyber security services and solutions that protect your enterprise. As security experts in telecommunications, critical infrastructure, mobility and cloud computing, we ensure you stay ahead of sophisticated and persistent threats by coupling our cyber expertise with powerful and innovative solutions.

Vencore leverages world class network communication expertise to address network security vulnerabilities; providing proven solutions against the most challenging threats.  Using technology developed for a government customer, our technology scans customer networks to recommend improvements to network device configurations to catch openings that may inadvertently or intentionally appear.  Our tools detect and address the root cause of 50-80 percent of all network issues and vulnerabilities (mis-configuration).

Our patented Zero-Day Enterprise Security System addresses “nation state”-like attacks by focusing on patterns of behavior, not signatures.  We are able to baseline network activity, then identify anomalous behavior —ranging from malware activity to insider threats—as they happen.  Combined, these tools form a basis for a comprehensive cyber platform to protect an enterprise.

Our approach to Smart Grid security allows for a cyber security monitoring network that overlays the existing critical infrastructure network so as to not require significant modification and cost to the underlying operational systems. We leverage that advantage into a Managed Security Service offering which is unique in the industry, and is capable of monitoring and protecting electrical utilities from threats and attacks that would disrupt power.

Services include:

  • Network and cloud configuration
  • Mobile device security
  • Smart grid security
  • Cryptography and privacy