Innovating to Bring Transformative Cyber Expertise and Mission-Enabled Solutions to the Forefront of Your Operations

Vencore offers agile cyber security services and solutions for protection, detection and response. Our holistic cyber security capabilities safeguard the enterprise and ensure that our customers’ critical missions are never compromised.

With cyber threats and malicious activity growing at an explosive rate in both volume and complexity, a proactive approach to cyber security and protection has never been more important, and understanding the different steps hackers take in planning and executing an attack is key. Vencore can help you respond to each stage of a cyber attack—even before it happens. 

Our proven offerings in cyber security engineering, operations and solutions ensure our customers practice good cyber hygiene, take the right preventative measures to mitigate the potential of an attack and have the tools they need in place to quickly respond in the event a threat penetrates their network.

Our certified cyber experts can reengineer the resiliency of your system ensuring continuous strength and reliability; provide network and threat operations center management; and provide the tools needed to respond to the increasingly complex problems of cyber security through advanced research and agile solution development.  

Whether you require cyber security for enterprise governance or front line operations, your organization will benefit from our agile approach where integration, scalability and usability are paramount.

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Learn more about the Anatomy of a Cyber Attack, written by Barry Barlow, CTO, Vencore, Inc. in the October 2015 issue of GCN.