Cutting Through the Complexity

Vencore designs, manages and integrates complex engineering systems throughout the project life cycle to ensure your enterprises are successful, affordable and reliable. Our services go beyond technical reports or individual tasks − we deliver enterprise-level outcomes that are driven by a combination of expertise, technology and process.

Envisioning the Enterprise Architecture
The ability to capture and depict the overall integrated architecture is critical to understanding how the interfaces and dependencies between systems will perform in an operational context. Vencore identifies and resolves disconnects and confirms that your enterprise can successfully execute data flows and scenarios from one end of the architecture to another.

Systems Engineering throughout the Life Cycle
As an independent integrator engineering complex systems, Vencore is invested in the complete system life cycle, from concept of operations and requirements definition to verification, test and transition.

Schedules Connected across the Enterprise
Vencore provides enterprise-wide access to shared schedule information to improve the timeliness and accuracy of schedule information, the management of interdependencies and understanding of impacts due to schedule changes.

Partnerships and Innovation
Through research and university partnerships, Vencore will continuously assess emerging technology and its relevance towards solving your challenges and develop plans that introduce value-added technology into the technical baseline.

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