Customized Solutions to Improve the Nation’s Economic and Social Well-being

Vencore offers unbiased expertise in the selection of software and technology solutions to support the vital work of the U.S. federal civilian agencies. We identify the challenges associated with different technologies and recommend the most cost-effective approach that meets your requirements. We then build, partner, deploy and add-on products to deliver customized solutions or realign and streamline your existing technologies to maximize time and money.

Our systems integration services bring complex technologies together to ensure compatibility and interoperability among different vendors’ equipment and application software. We have provided our expertise in a diverse set of IT environments, implementing software development, operations, maintenance and infrastructure solutions. Our customers include civilian agencies such as the General Services Administration, the State Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

We invest heavily in research and development, putting our labs at the disposal of projects and customers with the aim of exploring and evaluating emerging technologies and their applicability. Our qualitative criteria address topics such as licensing, implementation costs, vendor liability, product future strategy and vendor relations.