Breeze Early Siting Tool

THE CHALLENGE: Denied Construction Applications Due to Interference

Wind farms, cell towers and other obstructions can interfere with aviation, RADAR and communications, leading to lost and/or false radar targets, distorted data transmission, loss of communication and pilot confusion. This interference and reduction of usable data can impact safety, weather forecasts and warnings, military surveillance, and air traffic routing operations. For example, a lost plot could result in a military radar missing potentially hostile aircraft, and a false plot could result in a mistakenly identified weather hazard. These issues have led to a large backlog in construction applications, resulting in lost time and money for developers and stakeholders. 

THE SOLUTION: Vencore's Breeze™

Vencore’s Breeze™ will offer a quick, web-based solution to identify potential interference in minutes, before significant money is invested on a development site. Breeze identifies potential interference with:

  • Aviation (airports, heliports, obstacle limitation surfaces, navigation aids, restricted airspace)
  • RADAR (civil, military and weather)
  • Communications (broadcast/microwave point to point links)

The Breeze tool will give you instant feedback to help you plan the next location for your wind farm, cell tower, etc. 

THE RESULTS: Identifying potential interference will support safe travel, national security, reliable communications AND construction simultaneously

Vencore developed the Breeze beta site based on  our experience and expertise in RADAR, air traffic control, and communications. Breeze allows the potential impacts of any obstruction to be assessed within minutes. As part of the result, Breeze generates a three-dimensional map summarizing the potential sources of interference. In addition, a professional quality, full report (similar to that provided by a consultant) is automatically generated to summarize potential issues. Breeze enables high volumes of quick assessments for developers and stakeholders to identify the scope of the problem early in the planning process. The ability to overlay aviation, RADAR and communications  on the same map allows a quick assessment of mitigation options by micro-siting (i.e., removing the obstruction from an exclusion zone, terrain masking, fixing the height, etc.). This information is generated instantly, thus avoiding the one to four-week delays associated with hiring consultants. 

Vencore's  Breeze will make early siting a Breeze. Our ability to quickly identify potential interference and recommend mitigation will support safe travel, national security, reliable communications and construction of wind farms, solar panels, cell towers, etc.