Tackling Your Unique Challenges by Combining our Mission Critical Capabilities with Deep Analytics to Provide Value and Insights

Vencore provides innovative and cost-effective solutions by applying a deep data analytics methodology that goes beyond traditional statistics or data mining. Our approach combines advanced analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms to manage large amounts of data, uncover patterns and trends, and extract maximum value and intelligence that help our customers enhance their business.

Our methods identify opportunities for increased revenue, recommend areas of optimization that enhance efficiencies, forecast outcomes and mitigate risks, and provide insights that protect or advance market position. Our analytical capabilities are a hallmark for Vencore and provide the facts and credibility to help support and justify the critical decisions you need to make.

We are actively engaged with leading universities to advance the theory and application of data analytics and have partnered with research organizations, private companies and government entities to solve large-scale analytic problems.

Analytics for Intelligence

Our intelligence and performance analysis offerings give decision makers the information they need when they need it.

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Health Analytics

Our analytical methods and machine learning algorithms help the healthcare market be more efficient.

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Simulation and Training

We simulate interactions and dependencies to fully analyze how systems will perform in an operational context.

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Analytics for System Readiness

We provide an integrated solution to improve your operational readiness and automate your management processes.

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Strategic Messaging Solutions

We offer strategic messaging solutions that enable you to proactively anticipate and influence the information environment.

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Business Analytics

Our improvement and analysis methodologies enable strategic data-driven transformation of the enterprise

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