Delivering Readiness and Fleet Management Services that Enable you to Fully Automate Your Knowledge Lifecycle

Vencore provides our customers with mission planning components that, when combined, provide an integrated solution that allows you to plan and support your mission with confidence.

In any tactical situation, knowing what resources you have, where they are and their operational status can mean the difference between success and failure. Our readiness team has broad experience across the full spectrum of lifecycle logistics support activities that are germane to the modern military and future of our nation’s defense. In addition, our maintenance and supply dashboards – with their real-time logistics and maintenance information – enable decision makers to better plan maintenance activities and monitor equipment status.

Vencore automates management processes, supply transactions and readiness reporting while improving decision making by fusing relevant information into a single web-based application. By doing so, we reduce your life cycle sustainment costs, improve your operational readiness and allow you to achieve your asset management goals.

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