Driving Analysis to Enhance Defensible Decisions

Intelligence Analysis

At Vencore, our analysts are thought leaders in intelligence analysis with extensive domain expertise that help us automatically identify and alert decision makers to patterns and anomalies that directly affect our country’s national security goals.

Our analysts are trained in Vencore’s exclusive “Counterintelligence, Threats, Fraud and Intelligence Analysis Bootcamp,” which provides our analysts with a strong foundation in analytic fundamentals and experience in specific technical domains. Our proven and time-tested ability to analyze and provide solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems drives mission success and allows for decision makers to take timely action.

Our analysts ensure our customers’ mission success by:

  • Anticipating and driving the information environment
  • Utilizing our broad reach across the entire intelligence community to ensure effective communication in all areas of our analysis
  • Structuring analytics for conclusion efficiency
  • Continually educating our analytic domain experts through internal and external training, as well as through participation in regional conferences and forums
  • Engaging in university partnerships for ongoing innovation and thought leadership
  • Actively participating in key industry working groups and intelligence associations

Performance Analysis

The success of complex programs is dependent on the ability to anticipate and prepare for change early in the development process, as well as the capacity to make trades and recommend actions that are in the best interest of the overall enterprise. As an independent systems engineer, Vencore provides unbiased performance assessments to ensure your programs perform at the highest level.

With a broad vision of the entire enterprise and detailed knowledge of intertwined impacts, our performance analysis allows a complete evaluation of overall, end-to-end system performance, as well as the contributions to each individual system, throughout the program life cycle.

Vencore provides insight into the performance of current systems through trend assessment and detailed analysis using operational data. We also utilize modeling and simulation to evaluate the performance of systems in development to minimize risks, and we forecast the future performance of proposed architectures and concepts. Our ability to support recommendations with data and analysis provides the added credibility that you need to confidently make critical decisions.

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