Harness the Power of Agile

Across all of our government, military and commercial partners, there is common pressure to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world.  Whether the threat is market competition, cyber threats or national security, effectively sensing and responding to change is imperative.  Innovation is largely a learning game, and those who learn fastest, win. Vencore is committed to helping our customers stay two steps ahead, embracing Lean and Agile principles across our entire portfolio of service offerings.

In developing new software, supporting legacy platforms and tools, or engineering complex and dynamic systems, Vencore applies Lean thinking and Agile practices to maximize and accelerate value delivery. Within the IT and cyber security context, we emphasize small, cross-functional teams working iteratively to incrementally build and deliver solutions, and we harness DevOps to fully realize the value of agility. At the program and portfolio levels, we combine Lean and Agile with our systems engineering and integration expertise to help our customers envision, develop, and manage the most mission-critical systems in the world.

Over the past 20 years, Agile methodologies have moved from the edge of the software industry to the mainstream, and we have played a pivotal role. Vencore has been demonstrating in multiple federal contexts the power of Agile, and we continue to be an industry leader. At Vencore, we don’t just apply Agile to software development – we are Agile to the core.  Leveraging vehicles such as GSA 18F, as well as our position as a trusted systems engineering and integration services partner to civilian, defense and intelligence customers, we are showing agencies how to expand and scale their use of Agile to transform their entire enterprise.

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