Agile Cyber Security Solutions and Services for Protection, Detection and Response

At Vencore, we deliver a full range of cyber security services and solutions that protect your enterprise. As security experts in telecommunications, critical infrastructure, mobility and cloud computing, we ensure you stay ahead of sophisticated and persistent threats by coupling our cyber expertise with advanced research and engineering, powerful analytics, and agile solutions development.

Whether you require cyber security for enterprise governance or front line operations, your organization will benefit from our agile approach where integration, scalability and usability are paramount. We actively manage risk using proven security engineering strategies, innovative cyber technologies, and comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to expose and remediate vulnerabilities, harden network defenses, and optimize defensive measures against future attacks.

We are proud to lead the industry in critical infrastructure protection and industrial control systems security. Vencore operates the world’s first and best Smart Grid Security Operations Center, a state-of-the-art service that continuously monitors the electric utility distribution networks of major U.S. utilities for cyber threats and intrusions. Additionally, we operate our own Threat Operations Center where we continuously monitor, diagnose and neutralize threats to our own cloud infrastructure.